routine. breakfast and so on 2010

Welded steel constructions, tarp, fabric, geotextile, plastic, paper
Shown at Wanås sculpture park and art centre as a part of the project "Another Way". 18 artists participated in the project, that started with a 370 mile journey from Stockholm to Wanås in the fall of 2009. No fossil fuels were used, and the artists travelled by foot, bike, on horseback (or in their imaginations).

The work "Routine. Breakfast and so on." had one outdoor and one indoor part. Five sculptures were shown in the park and four sculptures were shown in a room inside the art centre. The room was redesigned as part of the work and was given two openings. The sculptures were facing an opening wide as a carport but lower than a normal doorway. On the other side of the room was a normal sized doorway.

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